My Favorite Quarantine Activities

For the past 8 months, everyone has been doing their best to handle the global pandemic that is going on. The pandemic impacted everyones lives, including social distancing, masks, and more. In an attempt to not go crazy during quarantine, I focused on my hobbies.

Animal Crossing

The game Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch came out in March, right at the beginning of the pandemic. The timing of the game’s release made it’s popularity skyrocket. It seemed like everyone was playing the game, including me. I had never played an Animal Crossing game before so I did not really know what to expect.

I caught onto the game easily and quickly became obsessed. For a few months over the summer, it seemed like every moment that I was not at work or working on summer classes I was playing Animal Crossing.

The objective of the game is to build up your island from deserted to a whole town. You fish and catch bugs, and then sell them for money, which you use to buy furniture, clothes, and pay off your house debt to make it bigger and better. It is a relaxing, at-your-own-pace game filled with calming fun and adorable animals.


I have always loved reading, but I got back into it during quarantine. Since March, I have probably read over 30 books. I started using the app Goodreads, where you put in the books you have previously read and rate them. It gives you suggestions for more books to read, as well as gives you an area to make a list of books you want to read in the future.

My reading has obviously decreased since school started back up, but I am still trying to make time to read. I like taking time to read in the evening before bed. It is a great way to unwind, and its better for your eyes than watching TV before bed.

When I was younger I was into dystopian books like Hunger Games and Divergent, but nowadays I am much more into fantasy books. Some of my favorites include; A Court of Thorns and Roses series, Throne of Glass series, Serpent & Dove series, From Blood & Ash, and Crescent City.

Board Games

During the summer, my family and I played a lot of board games. We would usually play a board game or two most nights after dinner. Playing board games with my family is one of my favorite things in the world. We have a whole closet full of board games at my house, but we usually play the same few.

Our favorite board games include; Ticket to Ride, Lattice, Rummikub, Tiny Towns, and Sagrada.

Movies and TV shows

I also spent a lot of time watching movies and TV shows over quarantine. I love immersing myself into the different worlds of movies and TV shows.

Over the summer, I had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, Harry Potter marathon, and a Star Wars marathon. I also rewatched some Disney Channel shows from my childhood on Disney+. In addition to old Disney shows, I started rewatching The Vampire Diaries.

Cuddling with my Cats

Phoebe (left) and Oliver (right) cuddling

I spent a lot of time over the summer cuddling with and playing with my cats. I knew that I would miss them once I came back to school, so I cherished my time with them. My cats are still pretty young, four years old, so they still like to play.

They have lots of cute toys that we play with. Oliver’s favorite toys are sparkle balls, while Phoebe is content to bat around milk rings. Oliver is much more playful than Phoebe. He is always up to play while she usually just likes to watch, but she is sometimes in a playful mood herself.

We also like to cuddle when I am watching movies. When my mom and I watch movies together, Phoebe usually cuddles with her while Oliver cuddles with me.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Quarantine Activities

  1. Marcy Zobel says:

    Love those little kitties!! Keep smilin’ Lucy and stay healthy!! ❤

  2. Sherri A Johnson says:

    Lucy-So proud to have had you in my class! Super creative website!


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